A Peralta ambassador poses at a Mezal Union event.

A People-First Approach to Experiential Marketing

Peralta Experiences focuses on the human element - and lets MainEvent handle the rest.

4 min read
People celebrating around a Wienermobile.

“mAInevent Vision is awesome.”

mAInevent Vision analyzes photos in MainEvent, mines them for insights, and provides a natural language interface for searching.

2 min read
Person celebrating how easy budgeting has become.

Turnkey Budget Management for Field Marketers

Track, audit, and reconcile budgets for all programs and campaigns with MainEvent’s Budgets Module.

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TEAM Enterprises poses for a group photo at a volunteer event.

Tailored Software Powers TEAM’s Field Marketing Programs

Shannon Romano, VP Field Services at TEAM Enterprises, explains how her agency uses MainEvent to manage tens of thousands of samplings and demos annually.

3 min read
Champagne glasses being filled with champagne.

Run Your Alcohol Beverage Campaigns with Ease

The Allocations Module simplifies the process of distributing, tracking, and reporting on product demos across all your markets.

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Image of people pointing at a laptop screen.

The Best MainEvent Enhancements from 2023

Better Dashboards, more powerful Reports, and loads of new features were rolled out to field marketing teams this year.

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Image of beer cans with object recognition.

Automated Machine Learning Pipelines for Object Recognition

Train custom machine learning models, and use them to change the way you think about your image data, all within MainEvent.

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U.S. map with person pointing at area.

Meet Your Target Audience Where They Are

Ensure best demographic fit for the brand, and a better understanding of the audience you are reaching.

1 min read
Smartphone with Airplane mode icon on

No Signal, No Problem

Use MainEvent offline to do what you need, and sync up when internet access is available in the future. No app to download, still in the web browser.

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Smiling woman with beverage bottle at sampling event.

Field Marketing Success Depends on Actionable Activation Data

Michael Ross-Corbett of Portland Marketing Analytics explains his firm’s approach to segmenting, benchmarking, and improving campaign performance.

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Man in blue sweater holding an iPad with the MainEvent app.

Simplified Brand Ambassador Payroll Management

Easily manage payroll claims with MainEvent’s automated processes, tools, and alerts.

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MacBook with lots of cool dashboard widgets.

A New Era for Field Marketing Analytics

With role-specific dashboards and MainEvent analytics experts at your disposal, you’ll deliver next-level experiential insights.

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