Turnkey Budget Management for Field Marketers

Track, audit, and reconcile budgets for all programs and campaigns with MainEvent’s Budgets Module.

Are you struggling to wrangle seemingly endless spreadsheets to track and manage your field marketing budgets? MainEvent’s Budgets Module lets you easily manage all aspects of the process in one place, including:

  • Creating and assigning budgets to markets and programs,
  • Tracking expenditures in real time,
  • Reconciling budgets with a complete audit trail, and
  • Reporting and analyzing marketing spend for all customers.

Spreadsheet-free budgeting

Assigned budgets are viewable at a glance in MainEvent - from clients and programs, to markets and purchase orders.

Screenshot showing budgets for clients, programs, and markets in MainEvent.

With one click, access aggregate details for each budget or purchase order, including dollars and hours allotted, spent, and remaining.

Screenshot showing budget details in MainEvent.

Simple expense submissions

Need to know what events your budget was spent toward, and what exactly it was spent on? Staff can submit hours and expenses for each event.

Screenshot showing staff expenses in MainEvent.

Those staff-submitted expenses roll up into your event budget totals.

Screenshot showing budget totals in MainEvent.

Reconcile with confidence

Reconciling your budgets just got easier, too. Show the columns you need, and hide the ones you don’t, while tracking various types of claims, hours, and expenses.

Screenshot showing budget reconciliation in MainEvent.

Even more budgeting features

  • Ensure only authorized personnel make changes to budgets with role-based permissions.
  • Calculate accurate invoices with per-client rates and percentage fees.
  • Visualize your budget data with Dashboards and Automated Reports.

With end-to-end assignments, tracking, and reporting, the Budgets Module empowers field marketers to provide transparency and accountability to partners - no spreadsheets needed. Schedule a call today to see it in action.

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