Centralized Event Management

MainEvent gives you powerful web-based experiential marketing software features right out of the box. Take your field marketing campaigns to the next level with our proven tools.

A tool for everyone

Control what your users see with role permissions and eliminate any communication lag between agency, brand ambassadors, and clients.

Where have you been & Where are you going?

Get the most out of your collected data. Let your learnings from events & venues work to your advantage.

Live Dashboard

Dashboard graphs, charts & stats allow you to easily stay apprised of event executions and data in real-time.

On the Go?

Access MainEvent through your smartphone or tablet anywhere with an internet connection.

Flexible & Customizable Recaps

Change, add, or remove individual sets of recap questions with ease for each program, event type and any execution.

Smart Photo Management

Tags, comments and basic event info stamps allow you to quickly search through and export your event photos as needed.

In-depth Reporting

If you ask it, you can report on it. Export individual .PDFs of each event or excel reports for an aggregate of all event data.

Software Support like none other

Our team will personally assist and often advise in how to get the most out of MainEvent.

Leave your competitors in the dust

Let your team do what they do best through increased efficiency and productivity, and significantly lowered administrative costs.

A positive change for your agency right from the start, but why stop there?

Out of the box, MainEvent can revolutionize the way your organization handles programs. Increase your competitive advantage with one of our additional modules:


Simplify your staffing and payroll process with a database of staff, filterable by physical attributes, training, rating, and other parameters set by you.

Event Requests

Need to establish an event request process? Approve or reject a queued list of event requests from your users.

3rd Party Integration

Add muscle to your ROI by using the power of our 3rd party integration tools. Google Analytics, lead collection, sales, social media, photo concessions + much more.


Need more than the out of the box reports and dashboard? Add dedicated analytics pages for a deeper understanding of your data.

Enhanced Mapping

Improve event planning with map overlays displaying age ranges, income, collected leads, and more.

Goals & Gamification

Establish goals and track your team’s progress throughout your campaigns.

Who is Using MainEvent?

  • Team Enterprises
  • Momentum
  • US Cellular
  • Fusion
  • Geico
  • Inspiria
  • Marketing Werks
  • Moosylvania
  • Lead Dog
  • Cardenas

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