MainEvent Features

Every feature of MainEvent was designed in collaboration with our agency and brand partners to serve their experiential marketing needs. And if you need a solution that manages your staff and payroll, MainEvent has that covered too.

Screenshot of Dashboards.


Customizable dashboards that are built using editable widgets, showcasing data through a variety of graphing tools.

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Cool Dashboards - No, Seriously

Screenshot of Activation Management.

Activation Management

Comprehensive scheduling, recapping, and reporting for all events and executions.

Screenshot of Logic-Based Recaps.

Logic-Based Recaps

Build recaps and surveys that use complex validation and display logic.

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Create Your Own In-Depth Analysis with the Complex Recap Builder

Screenshot of Reports.


Pull every field stored in the database into custom-formatted reports, exporting the data into a variety of formats (Excel, CSV, web service).

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Effortlessly Deliver Results with Automated Reporting

Screenshot of Asset Management.

Asset Management

Manage, request, ship, track and evaluate physical assets for field activations.

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Asset Management Simplified

Screenshot of Account Management.

Account Management

Store all historical location data including contact information, sales, and associated events/activities.

Screenshot of Check-Ins & Check-Outs.

Check-Ins & Check-Outs

Capture geolocation and timestamp data from staff arrival check-ins and departure check-outs, all visible for managers on a dedicated page to review in real-time. Send text notifications to brand ambassadors that have not arrived at their location on time.

Screenshot of Consumer Data Collection.

Consumer Data Collection

Configure and track your own account-specific custom data points such as sales entries, meetings, trainings, distributor rides, POS and menu placements, and any other important account-based information.

Screenshot of Media Management.

Media Management

An exportable repository of images and videos linked to events, activities, and accounts, sorted and filterable by date, location, and image description.

Screenshot of Program Management.

Program Management

Manage and toggle all aspects of programs and campaigns without any need for new custom development. Program configuration options include recap fields, goals, tasks, and document management.

Screenshot of Reminders, Alerts, & SMS Messages.

Reminders, Alerts, & SMS Messages

Automated emails and text messages can be toggled for all time-sensitive tasks, including alerts for incomplete recaps or time and expense submissions, and missing approvals.

Screenshot of Role & Permission Management.

Role & Permission Management

Comprehensive customization of user roles and assignments that determine what actions can be performed and what data can be viewed by any user.

Screenshot of Weekly & Monthly Calendar.

Weekly & Monthly Calendar

Display all scheduled and completed events, executions, and activities in a weekly or monthly calendar, exportable in Excel and PDF formats.

Agency Comparison Analytics

Track and compare the success of multiple agencies/departments utilizing real-time performance metrics and data, all collected in a single hub for easy, comprehensive analysis.

Branded Event PDFs

Calculate commissions based on the unique products or groups of products sold.

Commission Reporting

Calculate commissions based on the unique products or groups of products sold.

Custom Recap Analytics Report

Generate branded PDF reports using KPI calculations to detail the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Data Collection API

For organizations that use 3rd party data collection providers, APIs are provided to standardize all data gathered within outside systems.

Document Center

Campaign-specific materials such as brand guidelines, expense forms, talking points, sales forms, and PR materials are stored in a centralized location for easy access and distribution.

Event Request & Approval

Programs such as mobile tours and spirit/beer campaigns that interface with sales/distributors can utilize an event request and approval process.

Goal Management

Track and manage goals for individuals or programs. Examples of goals include sales, samples distributed, engagements, and event allocations across different markets/regions.

Organization-Wide Analysis

Managing all programs though single enterprise solution provides leadership with visibility to high-level organizational insights that span across individual clients or brands.

Product Management

POS-focused programs can track and report on unique product sales results.

Route Optimization

Utilize field staff geolocations to determine proximity to venue addresses, facilitating efficient route optimization for brand ambassadors that call on multiple accounts.

Scheduling Imports

Upload program and campaign schedules using mass import tools with simple and straightforward templates.

Shipment Tracking

Track packages being delivered to events with built-in UPS, USPS, and FedEx integrations.

Surveys & Lead Collection

Create and distribute surveys for consumer lead collection associated with executions and accounts.

Staff Scheduling and Payroll

When it comes to staff onboarding, scheduling, and payroll, MainEvent has you covered, allowing you to keep all program management within a single system.

Screenshot of Staff App.

Staff App

Dedicated portal available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices that allows staff to interact with upcoming opportunities, assigned shifts, payment history, and employee profile information.

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On or Offline, MainEvent’s Field Staffing App Is There for You

Screenshot of Time & Expense Tracking.

Time & Expense Tracking

Allow staff users to submit time and expense claims (both reimbursable and non-reimbursable) for each activation.

Screenshot of Activity Management.

Activity Management

Manage account-focused brand ambassador programs using activity types such as account visits, staff trainings, new distributions, and menu placements.

Screenshot of Ad Hoc & Guerrilla Scheduling.

Ad Hoc & Guerrilla Scheduling

Allow staff users to create their own executions on the fly, or schedule staff for multi-stop guerrilla events.

Screenshot of Auditing.


In-depth logging and monitoring that tracks and records the actions performed by each user.

Screenshot of Brand Ambassador Management.

Brand Ambassador Management

Enable managers to create and track the schedules, goals, and completed activities for their field reps and brand ambassadors.

Screenshot of Overtime Management.

Overtime Management

Monitor the daily and weekly hours tracked for each staff user on a per state/province level. For executions that exceed a certain amount of time, automated break times are added to ensure regulations are adhered to.

Screenshot of Position Availability Calendar.

Position Availability Calendar

Users are presented with a display of all available and staffed positions, allowing them to easily identify any urgent upcoming shifts that need to be filled.

Screenshot of Sales Integration.

Sales Integration

Import sales data for accounts to gauge the effectiveness of an execution, event, or activity.

Screenshot of Shift Scheduling & Staffing.

Shift Scheduling & Staffing

Staff all executions utilizing a database of approved employees. Staff can be marked as available for any activation based on market, program, or position assignments, as well as individual availability. Customizable invitation toggles allow managers to determine how their programs find the right staff member for each shift.

Applicant Onboarding

Present candidates with the option to apply for positions directly from a custom branded, white labeled site. Submissions are captured and applicants can be reviewed and approved or declined during a multi-step onboarding process.

Automatic Claims Generation

Automatic Claims Generation

Claims Management & Approval

Management users administer a payroll approval process, ensuring all time and expense claims are reviewed prior to payroll cutoff and reimbursement.

Minimum Wage Rate Management

Ability to set minimum wage rates on the country, state/province, or postal code level to ensure compliance with regulations.

Offline Application Support

Field staff users are able to view activation schedules and event details, check-in and check-out, enter recap responses, and submit claims, all while offline on the staff application.

Payroll & Third Party Integrations

Organizations that utilize ERP solutions and require the ability to integrate applications can do so for financial or reporting purposes.

Payroll Schedule Management

Based on the organization’s payroll schedule, the payroll period calendar tracks the due dates for all necessary submissions, approvals, and exports for each pay period.

PDF Staff Deck

Enable profiles of staff to be exported in PDF format for presentation purposes.

Staff Skills & Certifications

Create a custom library of skills and certifications for staff to fill out in order to better connect qualified candidates with new opportunities.

“Harnessing the power of consumer data is critical in today’s marketing world. Network Ninja has provided a software solution that has allowed us to better manage our field teams, operations, and reporting outputs.”

Headshot of Matt Sincaglia.

Matt Sincaglia, Director of Strategy

RedPeg Marketing

“Since day one, U.S. Cellular and the MainEvent team have had a collective approach towards the development of our solution”

Headshot of Rachel Bowman.

Rachel Bowman, Local Marketing & Brand Activation Manager

U.S. Cellular