About MainEvent

We’re dedicated to building software that helps marketers do their finest work.

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MainEvent empowers agencies and brands to best manage their experiential and field marketing operations.

With over a decade of industry experience, MainEvent is a proven product that includes all the tools you need to run successful experiential programs. Our software simplifies event scheduling, staffing, data collection, automated reporting, payroll management, and much more.

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Fortune 500 companies, field teams, and agencies rely on our software as the foundation to support their programs.

About Network Ninja

MainEvent is part of a growing software development firm supporting three successful products across three sectors. Check out Collaborate and LegalServer to see what our colleagues are up to.

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Network Ninja draws top talent from across industries, including technology, legal, and social services. We thrive as a team by hiring people that have the kinds of experience and expertise that matter to our clients.

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Meet the MainEvent Team

Thoughtful collaboration is paramount for us. We believe that the magic happens when we support each other's best ideas.

photo of Andy Plax

Andy Plax

Graduate of a prestigious middle school and founding partner of Network Ninja.

photo of Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay

Software Engineer, Database Dictator, Toddler Wrangler, Ninja of Nonsense. I build things and tame wild developers for fun and profit.

photo of Joshua Mullin

Joshua Mullin

I split my time evenly between Michigan and the rest of the world. I travel incessantly (some might say obsessively).

photo of Robin de Bled

Robin de Bled

I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel.

photo of Katrina Corbi

Katrina Corbi

Account Manager. Art Brat. Gamer Extraordinaire.

photo of John Williams

John Williams

Books, Beats, Biking, Beer and Bolunteering.

photo of James Jennison

James Jennison

Living my best Colorado life skiing, hiking, and climbing whenever possible.

photo of Mike Matz

Mike Matz

Web & mobile developer, surfer, snowboarder, cyclist, photographer, traveler.

photo of Marcel Appelman

Marcel Appelman

Tall, skinny Dutch guy with a penchant for cycling, Nutella, and nerdy computer crap.

photo of Alison Bovaird

Alison Bovaird

Professional paper filer and amateur homebody with a raging maple syrup problem.

photo of Tom Reese

Tom Reese

Above-average father and husband. Beach lover. Renaissance man. Philly sports fan. Bad golfer.

photo of Ashley Sepers

Ashley Sepers

Amateur philosopher. Wrestling aficionado. Lover of baked goods, books, and fall weather.

photo of Bob Micheletto.

Bob Micheletto

Observed most commonly in front of: pool tables, computers, & lunch counters. Occasionally spotted on top of, or face down next to: bicycles.

photo of Natalie Simons.

Natalie Simons

Excitable introvert. Pop culture trivia enthusiast. Sucker for overambitious reading challenges. Lover of (unfathomably) bad movies.

photo of Arian Farid

Arian Farid

Long distance running, late night guitar jams, mushroom/plant collecting, and developing are the keys to life.

photo of Mitchell Northern

Mitchell Northern

Aspiring world traveler, husband, board game aficionado, and bad StarCraft player. Never stop growing, never give up, never surrender.

photo of Devin Kinkead.

Devin Kinkead

Techie who also owns multiple 10mm sockets, but can find none of them. Frequent at the Karaoke Bar. Mildly obsessed with cats.

photo of Andrew Plax.

Andrew Plax

SaaS Sales Specialist, avid St.Louis Blues/Cardinals fan. Usually found in the woods near golf courses searching for his ball on weekends.

photo of Steven Franc.

Steven Franc

22-Year Old proficient skier with a knack for watching football.