Run Your Alcohol Beverage Campaigns with Ease

The Allocations Module simplifies the process of distributing, tracking, and reporting on product demos across all your markets.

In the world of alcohol beverage management, getting agencies, brands, and distributors on the same page is like herding tipsy cats – entertaining, but challenging. MainEvent’s Allocations Module makes it easy to divvy up events to distributors, while answering questions like:

  • How many events does each user have allocated to them, and how many are booked?
  • How many have been executed, and how many are remaining?
  • What is our percentage to goal?
  • What are the outcomes and results of each event?

“MainEvent helps us make sure that money is being used correctly. We use the Allocations Module to stay on top of how many allocations we have, how they’re being used, and who is using them.”

Headshot of Jessica Nsiah Rushing.

Jessica Nsiah Rushing, Operations Manager

Public Label

Wait, what are allocations again?

Allocations are budgeted events - typically product samplings - that can be scheduled by beverage distributors (or any MainEvent user you like). Here’s how the Allocations Module helps each stakeholder in the process:

  • Beverage distributors request samplings to be allocated to them, get automated notifications about approvals, and enter key metrics about each sampling completed.
  • Agencies dispense events to distributors and track progress as the campaign progresses.
  • Brands receive data on how their sampling budget is being spent across all markets - and how effective their samplings are.

That’s a lot of allocations!

“‘Allocation’ is a word that I probably say at least 200 times a week, because it is such a vital part of our business and what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis,” says Jessica Nsiah Rushing, Operations Manager at Public Label. Jessica’s team is the national sampling agency of record, and distributes, tracks, and reports on thousands of allocations and events across the U.S.

Screenshot showing alcohol beverage Allocations in the Chicago market in MainEvent.

In just a few clicks, Jessica’s team can hone into specific markets and programs, then assign new event allocations to managers.

Making every dollar count

“With MainEvent, we’re able to view the execution of a budget in the field in real time. That’s why it’s so valuable, because if an allocation is lost, that’s money that needs to be located - or if an event doesn’t execute, that’s money that still needs to be utilized,” Jessica notes.

Screenshot showing alcohol beverage Allocation Report in MainEvent.

“We’re able to pull reports to show if we’re hitting our program goals, and if not, how we need to adjust them based on hurdles that we're seeing in the field.”

Headshot of Katie Patrykus.

Katie Patrykus, Operations Supervisor

Public Label

Automated alerts for everyone

To keep stakeholders abreast of impending deadlines or goals, or notify users when their allocations are edited, Public Label leverages MainEvent’s push notifications, which trigger SMS and emails for time-sensitive tasks. “Our ultimate goal is that everyone can log in and find exactly what they need in the system at any point of any day,” says Katie Patrykus, Operations Supervisor at Public Label.

The Allocations Module streamlines distribution, communication, and reporting for alcohol beverage campaigns. Book a demo today to see it in action.

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