MainEvent for Sampling Programs

The comprehensive software solution for field-based sampling programs. From scheduling and staffing, to field reporting and analysis, we’ve got you covered.

“MainEvent makes our process smoother and keeps the clients happy. It has put us a step above the rest.”

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Complete Sampling Program Software

Are you conducting a local or national sampling program for consumer goods or retail brands? Do you need a solution that can manage and track field staff, visits, and locations, as well as provide in-depth reporting of outcomes?

MainEvent for Sampling Programs is the proven solution.

Leading brands and agencies like Jagermeister, Monster Energy, Mosaic, TEAM Enterprises, and Yah Agency rely on MainEvent to manage their field sampling programs. In the past two years, over 412,000 reps have recorded and analyzed more than 18 million visits at 1.9 million unique locations in MainEvent.

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Supercharge Your Sampling Programs

Want to instantly know the conversion rates for your products and categories? MainEvent gives you the power to analyze, visualize, and correlate your data to drive better decisions - and improve your field programs’ results.

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Key Sampling Program Features

Scheduling and Staffing

With an easy-to-use mobile app that runs on Android and iOS, field staff have the tools they need to do their job on the road. From their phone or tablet they can see their schedules and get directions to work locations, check in or out, submit hours and expenses for payroll, complete recaps and surveys including digital confirmation signatures, and upload images of their completed tasks captured on their device camera.

Best of all, the app works both online and offline, so work won’t be interrupted if wifi or cellular service is unavailable.

Field Reporting

MainEvent’s dynamic recap builder lets you build complex recaps using a drag and drop interface. Recaps can include branching logic where submitted responses drive the questions that get displayed, product forms which allow you to collect details (like units sold, bottle size, etc) about any number of products, and calculations where values are automatically derived from input data.

Recap responses are tied to the visit where they were collected and any of the collected data can be analyzed, filtered, and reported on in a variety of ways. Data can also be pulled in from externally-accessible consumer surveys, store sales data, and many other external sources.

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Sampling Analysis

Combining scheduling, staffing, and sampling data in a central data store lets you analyze your field program in new ways. From customizable data dashboards, to automated reports, automated alerts, checkin/checkout history, and a historical visit success analysis tool, MainEvent for Sampling Programs provides a flexible platform for seeing your field program from every angle.

“The partnership RedPeg has fostered with Network Ninja has grown throughout the years and enhanced our ability to analyze program performance and, ultimately, optimize results for our clients.”

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Matt Sincaglia, Director of Strategy

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Understanding where your programs are succeeding and where they’re underperforming will help guide your decision making.

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Support from the Experts

Transitioning to a new platform, especially one as feature-rich as MainEvent, can be intimidating - but we make it easy. Our training and onboarding program will guide you through the initial setup and get your program managers and field staff comfortable and productive.

Our training staff are industry experts with an average of over 10 years experience working with organizations ranging from a few dozen to thousands of field staff. Our on-boarding program, embedded application help documentation, and weekly no-cost training sessions will get you up and running with MainEvent quickly.

Constant Enhancements

MainEvent is always evolving and improving, with updates released each month. Enhancements so far in 2021 include unlimited dashboards, historical analysis, and machine learning analysis of recap responses.

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