Tailored Software Powers TEAM’s Field Marketing Programs

Shannon Romano, VP Field Services at TEAM Enterprises, explains how her agency uses MainEvent to manage tens of thousands of samplings and demos annually.

TEAM Enterprises is a national agency executing programs for globally-recognized brands like Bacardi and Molson Coors. Since 2014, TEAM has used MainEvent to track all of its field marketing efforts.

TEAM Enterprises logo.

Spearheading the firm’s growth is TEAM’s VP of Field Services, Shannon Romano. We sat down with Shannon recently to explore how her company’s success intersects with MainEvent.

“MainEvent is everything for us, from our prospects and their paperwork, to our staffing and allocations, to recapping and payroll.”

Headshot of Shannon Romano.

Shannon Romano, VP of Field Services

TEAM Enterprises

Forging long-term partnerships

A focus on relationship building is at the heart of TEAM’s success, Shannon explains. “We have clients that we’ve been with for 30-plus years, I think there’s a lot to be said for that - and my direct management team have all been with the company for ten-plus years. It’s incredible.”

Like their clients and employees, TEAM has collaborated with MainEvent for the long haul. The reason, Shannon says, boils down to creative problem solving. “We’ve built a partnership together. TEAM is very forward thinking, we challenge and we like to build things, and we like to customize. Network Ninja taking the time to really learn our side of the industry, I appreciate that.”

Using data to their advantage

With performance analysis at the forefront, Shannon notes that her team leverages technology like MainEvent to deliver results. ”We provide our clients with key learnings and opportunities for every program and event we do, and I always say ‘more, let’s get more’,” she explains.

That dedication to numbers-driven improvement has led to a massive data stash. With MainEvent, TEAM is able to analyze:

Graphic illustrating TEAM's data set in MainEvent.

Looking forward to the next big thing

Since TEAM always stays current with the evolving consumer world, their MainEvent application is quite different from when they started. That trend will no doubt continue in coming years, Shannon concludes, as they embrace new technologies like AI and Machine Learning.

“Looking at data and insights to see what consumers want, and don’t want, and what’s touching their attention and what isn’t, and where are they shopping, and what are they shopping for, are all essential because the industry - whether it’s beverage or non-beverage - has changed and it continues to change.”

“Staying ahead of that and being able to pivot how we execute is super important.”

The MainEvent crew is proud to have served TEAM, and we’re excited to see what comes next. If you’d like to join us on the journey, give a shout.

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