A People-First Approach to Experiential Marketing

Peralta Experiences focuses on the human element - and lets MainEvent handle the rest.

Perla Peralta of Peralta Experiences got started in field marketing when she was just fifteen. In the 20 years since, she’s been a mobile tour road warrior, event producer, market manager, and now an entrepreneur with her own agency.

We sat down with Perla to talk about her background, her philosophy on helping brands build their footprints, and how MainEvent helps keep everything running smoothly.

“MainEvent has been seriously such a game changer for our team.”

Headshot of Perla Peralta.

Perla Peralta, Owner

Peralta Experiences

Hi Perla! After many years in the industry, what inspired you to start your own agency?

I was hearing from brand ambassadors - the people out in the field - who were feeling like they weren’t a priority for brands and agencies. I thought we could do it differently, and I love the industry so much that I thought, “Why not give the ambassadors and brands a company that works a little bit differently?”. We really care about all the pieces - and especially the human that tackles each of those pieces.

We want to work with good humans all around; we ensure that everyone we’re working with are kind people. That’s one big reason we went with MainEvent - we saw how you treated us; we weren’t just another potential client.

What’s your take on the state of field marketing these days?

I do see a lot more need for brands to get their products in front of people. We work with a lot of startups, and there’s a learning curve…so you have to be able to educate them on why it’s a good idea to invest in samplings, events, and trade shows. When brands understand the value of it, they see how it could really make a change in not just product sales, but brand visibility as well.

For the industry as a whole, experiences are what everyone wants. The bigger, the better. The more immersive, the better. If the amount of events isn’t growing, the quality is.

What are brands asking from you now in terms of data?

They’re looking for more individualized data. It’s been super helpful to have MainEvent, because I can tell them “We went to ten stores this week, here’s how each store performed.” Then down the line, after 100 tastings, we can pinpoint how many times we went to each store, how that store did over time, and see what staff was at each of those events.

On my side, I can see which staff is moving the product more than the other, so when I’m staffing, I’m taking that data and making sure I’m putting the best person there for the brand.

With a small team, what tools are you using to stay on top of everything?

Our favorite MainEvent feature on the staffing side is the alerts. We’re able to trigger an alert to staff 24 hours before the event with all the details about their shift, like location, contacts, and training decks. They open it up on the phone, and everything they need is right there.

These alerts are automated, so there’s no manual effort on our end. Before, we used to have to send out texts ourselves, but it’s so hands-off now.

Also, being able to see check-ins, check-outs, and photos on the admin side in real-time is huge, and geo locations of those check-ins help us make sure staff are actually on site. If they’re not, we can start damage control much earlier than before.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experiences with MainEvent?

We’re very happy to have y’all, and your team is amazing. Every time we have a question, you’re so quick to reply, and take the time to walk us through everything.

So aside from the platform being so great, easy to use, and provides all this data we love to have, the people behind it make the product even better.

Peralta Experiences at a glance

  • People-first approach
  • Focus on CPG and alcohol beverage groups
  • Nationwide staffing, activation management, asset production, and logistics
  • Using MainEvent to provide data around experiences, optimize staffing, and ensure quality control

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