Beverage Field Marketing Software to Power Your Campaigns

MainEvent Beverage is the solution for wine, spirit, and beer brands to manage, measure, and analyze all field activations.

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Client Testimonials

“The data from the Product Analysis Tool is proving invaluable. We are able to analyze and prioritize top performing tasting locations based on price points and demographics. It also gives us a good idea on how our brand performs vs. others and lets us adjust our scheduling to optimize sales.”
Stephan Godevais, Co-Founder
“MainEvent is crucial to our clients’ success, and we’re happy to provide such detailed information to meet their evolving needs. Our customers now have the power to store all of their data from all agencies to provide in-depth analysis of every agency that they hire.”
Malissa Markey, President

A Centralized Platform for Beverage Field Marketing

  • Consolidate all agencies & departments onto one platform
  • Measure outcomes from every activation
  • Compare and analyze across agencies, brands, and labels
  • Analyze promotional spend for every activity and account
  • Manage all events and executions, nationally
  • Generate automated KPI reports based on customer requirements

Specialized Beverage Field Marketing Tools

Convert every data point from your beverage field marketing activations into actionable information, enabling your firm to make better decisions based on real-world results delivered in automated and customized reports.

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Automated Reporting

Stay in the know with program summaries delivered via email - automatically. Measure improvements by comparing completed executions vs. historical data for your beer, wine, or spirits activities.

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Account Analytics

Track account performance across product types, markets, and days of the week. Only MainEvent Beverage allows you to mine data from other national brands for additional insights.

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Agency Analysis

By allowing all agencies to schedule, staff, and recap every activation in MainEvent Beverage, your brand can evaluate the effectiveness of each agency you hire.

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Goal Management & Dashboards

Quickly view progress of KPIs and completed activities with intuitive visuals. Track coverage by time period or track accounts by beverage region/market/district.

Program Management Tools

  • Dashboards
  • Event Management
  • Staff Management
  • Recaps (track sales, quantitative and qualitative outcomes)
  • Reports (with Excel exports)
  • Account Management
  • Goal Management

Ambassador & Field Functionality

  • Check ins/Check outs
  • Photo/Video Management
  • Program Management
  • Alerts & SMS Messages
  • Role Permission and Management
  • Weekly/Monthly Calendar
  • Shift Scheduling & Staffing
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Position Availability Calendar
  • Applicant Onboarding
  • Staff Skills and Certifications

Reporting, Financials, & Integrations

  • Agency/ Market/Program Analytics
  • Branded PDFs
  • Invoicing Integration
  • Payroll Integration
  • Allocations
  • Auditing
  • Sales Integrations
  • Payroll Schedule Management

Staffing Experience + Software Expertise = MainEvent Beverage

In 2013, High Profile Promotions, an organization focused on staffing events for spirit, wine, & beer companies, teamed up with Network Ninja, the software company behind MainEvent (the leading solution for field & experiential marketing organizations). After working together to manage, schedule, and staff over 5 million activations, their collaboration resulted in a new software solution: MainEvent Beverage.

Our Job

  • Provide spirit, wine, and beer brands managing large-scale national campaigns with the best software platform possible.
  • Listen to customers’ experiences of real-world use and apply those learnings to continually improve the product.

How MainEvent Beverage is Implemented

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We’ll Be Your Guide

Our team of experts has decades of experience in beer, wine, and spirit field marketing.

We’ll help you define your program requirements and empower you to execute them - all in a single cloud-based app.

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Tailor Your Software Experience

Your MainEvent Beverage app will be configured based on your beverage agencies, markets, programs, activation types, and recaps.

Our team of client service managers will guide you through industry best practices we've learned while collaborating with beverage brands over the past decade.

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Train with the Best and Run Your Programs

We’ll roll out your new app and help train your agencies and users.

You’ll quickly start collecting important data, accurately and securely, with full documentation and support.

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Use Data to Bolster Results

Dashboards and automated reports make MainEvent your competitive advantage.

Learn where your efforts are making an impact and why. Hone your approach and make data-driven decisions to improve your beverage marketing programs.

Ready to supercharge your field marketing program?

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