“mAInevent Vision is awesome.”

mAInevent Vision analyzes photos in MainEvent, mines them for insights, and provides a natural language interface for searching.

The Kraft Heinz Brand Communications team, responsible for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Tour, had to manage an extensive photo archive. To streamline the process of fulfilling image requests from sales, operations, customers, and partners, they implemented mAInevent Vision, an AI-driven image recognition tool that transformed their photo retrieval process.

Sharing the Wienermobile story, one photo at a time

Every year, each of the six Wienermobiles clock around 20,000 miles, while visiting 40+ cities, and appearing at over 1,200 events. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or store promotion, each event is meticulously documented with vibrant photographs - all stored in MainEvent.

Screenshot showing Wienermobile in front of Walmart.

Ed Roland, the Senior Manager of Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz, says these Wienermobile images are in constant demand. “We regularly receive requests from various departments, customers, and event contacts. ‘Find the Wienermobile at Walmart,’ ’Spot that ‘Don’t Forget Your Oscar Mayer’ sign,’ ‘Show us the compliant shelf setup,’ and ‘We need that perfect shot of our sales coupons in action.’ The list is endless.”

Screenshot showing puppies in front of Wienermobile.

Until recently, each one of these requests required manual effort, but now:

“mAInevent Vision is awesome. We will save countless hours that we used to spend manually sorting photos. Now, we can respond to requests with the speed and accuracy they deserve.”

Headshot of Ed Roland.

Ed Roland, Sr. Manager Brand Communications

Kraft Heinz

mAInevent Vision’s cutting-edge capabilities

  • Instant image retrieval - With a simple natural language search, Kraft Heinz’s team can locate images in seconds.
  • Smart relevance sorting - mAInevent Vision suggests the most relevant photos first, based on object recognition.
  • Event-specific insights - Custom searches by locations, events, and venues.
  • Intelligent marketing material identification - From promotional placards to in-store signage, mAInevent Vision detects and catalogs branding elements.
  • Promotion compliance verification - Ensure that promotional items (like sales coupons) are displayed correctly.

Use your images to the fullest

With mAInevent Vision, Kraft Heinz is storing every image in a fully searchable digital asset management system.

If you’re ready to transform your brand’s visual assets, drop us a line.

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