How do you empower field staff and brand ambassadors to deliver the best results? While you may not be able to manage all the variables, one thing is well within your control: the software you provide to your staff.

In fact, nothing is more crucial to their (and your) success in the field than the application that manages staff scheduling, recapping, and payroll. The MainEvent Staff App gives field reps everything they need to perform the various tasks throughout their work day - from a web browser, or on an iOS- or Android-based mobile device.

Thoughtfully designed and user-friendly, the app is made specifically for groups that need to quickly onboard staff to hit the ground running with little to no training. Plus, it works with or without an internet connection.

Key Features of the MainEvent Staffing App

  • View all upcoming shifts
  • Access map/location of each activity
  • Show details of any execution
  • Complete all recaps, product questionnaires, and surveys
  • Submit payroll hours and expenses
  • Add photos/videos
  • Apply for upcoming shifts
  • View historical payroll submissions
  • Automated alerts for time-sensitive tasks
  • Schedule ad-hoc activities
  • Check-in and check-out capabilities

The Stapp Portal on an iPad Mini.

Offline Use

The MainEvent staff app can be used in offline mode as well. Recaps, hours, and expenses can be completed and submitted or saved for later submission while a device is in offline mode. The data will upload to the MainEvent portal when the device syncs with the server the next time the staff user has a connection.

Staff App signature screen on a smartphone.

Alerts and Notifications

For time-sensitive tasks, the staff app alert system allows field reps to view what items need to be completed to ensure deadlines are met. Examples include submission of recaps, entering payroll and and expenses, and applying for new/open shifts.

All alerts can be configured to display within the app itself or send as an email and/or SMS message. These can include automated alerts as well as messages from managers.

Auditing and Accountability

All submissions of recaps, hours, and expenses are logged, tracked, and auditable to ensure the accuracy of all entries. A field app management interface enables management users to ensure field staff are properly submitting against the proper recap versions, knowing that recaps often need to be adjusted on the fly and staff are conducting offline activity and need to sync back to the solution.

Bottom line: the system provides tools by which organizations can verify and ensure that all field activity is entered and submitted in a timely and accurate manner.

Want to see the Field Staff App in action? Contact us to set up a demo.