More than ever, field marketers are being asked to demonstrate the value of their efforts - without paying developers and data scientists to do the heavy lifting.

As a result, a tool to build comprehensive recaps that can collect responses for any type of activation recently became a common wishlist item for MainEvent customers. That’s why we created the Complex Recap Builder. It empowers marketers to build, enhance, and maintain recaps for staff to complete post-execution.

Use Logic Trees to Build Your Own Recap Responses

Equipping your field team with a sophisticated series of logic-based questions is simple with the Recap Builder. Using Logic Groups nested within Recap Fields, you can craft conditional responses to collect the data you need. No programming experience required!

screenshot of the logic recap tree.

All the Field Types

Populate your recaps with just about any imaginable field type. Need to include numbers, text, money, dates, images, and signatures? No problem.

screenshot with a dropdown showcasing all the field types.

Easy-to-Complete Recaps with Easy-to-Understand Responses

Once created, your recaps are available based on the type of activation to be executed. Along with answers to the logic-based questions you define, field staff can add signatures and media, and fill out product forms with input validation. Plus, it works online or offline, on any device staff might use.

screenshot of a recap response.

Here’s What’s Included

  • A variety of question types, including text responses, integers, image uploads, calculations, signature capture, and more
  • Separate recap responses per staff user for events that have multiple staff assigned
  • Repeating forms for survey collection and product questions
  • Option to add required validation, text length validation, greater than/less than validation, or greater than/less than the response to another question validation rules
  • Recaps support display logic to show questions driven by the responses to earlier responses
  • Recaps driven by location details (e.g. the store type or specific chain)
  • Data collected can populate Reports, Dashboards, and integrations

The End Result

MainEvent users can now build exactly what they need, in the way they need it for the field, to complete any data-driven request. With the knowledge that no two experiential or field marketing programs are ever the same, we designed a system where our customers have complete autonomy to collect and deliver precisely what is required.

Want to see the new Recap Builder in action? Contact us to set up a demo.