Asset Management Simplified

Manage, request, ship, track and evaluate physical assets for field activations.

Asset logistics for field marketing programs can daunting. Historically, solving for these crucial areas required a great deal of manual effort.

  • Locate all your assets with a click.
  • Need to replace or refresh assets? Know before the consumer experience is affected.
  • See warehouse utilization and costs at a glance.
  • Know who’s requesting assets, why, and how they’re being put to use.
  • Keep everyone in the know, automatically.
  • Access aggregate overview data (visual graphs/charts or exportable reports) for all of my asset logistics.

The solution? MainEvent’s asset management module, which automates all the steps not requiring human interaction. The result is a turnkey, comprehensive system to manage and utilize marketing assets.

Assets at Your Fingertips

MainEvent’s asset management module joins many components for one simple purpose: to ensure optimal utilization of all of your assets.

  • Store all asset profile details, images, descriptions, and conditions.
  • Access asset schedules and availability.
  • View and report on asset usage history.

Screenshot showing a display wall asset with a map of USA of its location.

Keep Your Warehouses in Order

  • Tap detailed profiles of each warehouse and current occupancy counts.
  • View a schedule of all currently stored, incoming, and outgoing assets as they move to and from the warehouse.

Screenshot of a warehouse and its details.

Streamlined Asset Requests

  • View, assess, and fulfill all asset requests from customers or internal employees.
  • Drill-down to view requested asset history, current status, and other pertinent details related to requests.
  • Use configurable business logic to simplify the ordering and fulfillment process:
  • Control what assets can be requested, based on the type of activation, footprint size, budget, or other criteria.
  • If there are multiples of the same asset (e.g. tables, tents, banners), the user picks how many they want - then the system automatically associates their request with the closest available assets.

Screenshot of table with asset data.

Track Those Shipments

Embedded integrations with DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx allow real-time shipment tracking to events and warehouses.

Screenshot of asset tracking details.

Stay Updated with Notifications

Send automated email or text notifications to individuals responsible for performing timely tasks or needing visibility into key events, such as:

  • Asset request submissions
  • Asset request approvals
  • Scheduling asset shipments to events
  • Scheduling asset shipments to warehouses
  • Notifications regarding shipment departures and arrivals

Measure Value

Every time an asset is utilized at an activation, it becomes part of that data ecosystem. Scheduling details, venue and market/region information, staff assignments, dates, times, and most importantly, post-execution recap/performance data, becomes associated with every deployed asset.

Outcomes can then be measured alongside asset utilization to show the impact of your assets over the course of your program, allowing for in-depth ROI calculations.

Screenshot of asset at a venue.

Configurable Dashboards

MainEvent’s asset management dashboards show key statistics, schedules, warehouse inventories, and shipments. Use multiple filters to drill-down by date range, program, market, or asset type.

Screenshot of assets dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Managing your field marketing assets, warehouses, associated requests, and outcomes has never been this easy. What once was a herculean task is now manageable - not to mention reportable and quantifiable.

Want to see MainEvent’s asset management system in action? Drop us a line.

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