Effortlessly Deliver Results with Automated Reporting

MainEvent clients asked for a grand new feature, and our devs delivered.

Reporting requirements for completed executions in experiential and field marketing campaigns have grown dramatically in recent years. Marketers are being asked to prove ROI and deliver actionable results faster, more reliably, and in a format that customers can easily understand.

“Having worked on a variety of reporting needs, it's become increasingly difficult for marketers to stay on top of what's required of them.”

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Josh Mullin, MainEvent Developer

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Bridging the Reporting Gap

After polling a group of MainEvent users about their most-wanted features, the feedback was clear. These marketers needed to:

  • Automate the Report creation process and reduce the time to build reports,
  • Add Report delivery options with integrations and email delivery at scheduled times,
  • Provide flexible Reporting to accommodate unique requests from customers, and
  • Configure the output format and delivery methods of Reports (Excel, PDF, API integration).

Introducing the Automated Reporting Tool

Automated Reporting in MainEvent is a simpler way to deliver results. Your can set regular schedules to generate Reports, and access them any time. The Reports can also be delivered to specific people on the date and time desired by yours customers, complete with customized fields - in whatever format they need.

automated reports scheduler

You can just “set it and forget it,” dramatically decreasing the time needed to build Reports. With the delivery system in place, key contacts receive the Reports they want, with the data they need, at the time they choose.

automated reports delivery schedule

The tool also boosts transparency and accountability, since you can now supply Reports to customers’ exact specifications, including:

  • Dynamically generated reports based on completed recaps for any execution,
  • Improved integration capabilities with 3rd party vendors,
  • Emailed reports to any individual based on assignments and delivery schedules (e.g. Daily, Weekly Monthly), and
  • The ability to create templates for all reports, and emails for any customer.

Impress Your Customers, Please Your Staff

The Automated Reporting tool is one of many competitive advantages that MainEvent can provide for your brand or agency. To see it and other MainEvent features in action, contact us to setup a demo.

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See how MainEvent’s key features help experiential and field marketing teams do their best work.

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