RedPeg and MainEvent: Evolving Together

For the past seven years, RedPeg has used MainEvent to harness the power of consumer data and improve client results.

Things move quickly in the experiential world, and so does RedPeg. This creative marketing agency runs major campaigns for big names like GEICO, Jägermeister, DISH Network, MetroPCS, TD Bank, and many others.

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When RedPeg required an upgrade from their in-house marketing software, The MainEvent team stepped in with a standard application that could be tailored for each new client - and the rest is history.

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Through custom MainEvent implementations, RedPeg can now schedule and map events, log photos and customer interactions, train staff more effectively, and mine important data for their clients. The result is an ever-evolving relationship that delivers deep value to the agency and its growing lineup of customers.

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“The partnership RedPeg has fostered with Network Ninja has grown throughout the years and enhanced our ability to analyze program performance and, ultimately, optimize results for our clients.”

Headshot of Matt Sincaglia.

Matt Sincaglia, Director of Strategy

RedPeg Marketing

Check out the full case study to learn more, and reach out to us to find out how MainEvent can help redefine your experiential and field marketing efforts.

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