RedPeg Marketing Case Study

RedPeg needed a software solution flexible enough to serve their diverse client base, and Network Ninja’s MainEvent team was up to the challenge.

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RedPeg is an experiential marketing agency that manages campaigns across a variety of industries including insurance, spirits, and telecom. Each of these lines of business has distinct requirements for their experiential and field marketing campaigns. The agency required a company-wide software platform that could be customized to meet the unique requirements of their individual efforts.

RedPeg’s big-name clients include GEICO, Jägermeister, DISH Network, MetroPCS, TD Bank, and Virginia Lottery, among others. Back in 2011, the company engaged with Network Ninja to manage their national and regional events for GEICO, and seven years later, we’re still evolving together.

The initial project involved planning, routing, and executing thousands of annual events for National and Regional GEICO programs. Network Ninja provided a standard MainEvent solution for RedPeg that was later customized for multiple clients - leveraging a similar foundational process, while adhering to the unique objectives of each customer that it serves.

Our Shared Goals

  • Provide better reporting for RedPeg’s staff and clients
  • Lower costs by offering a standard application
  • Develop a uniform process to onboard new clients
  • Allow staff to configure the app themselves, rather than rely on developers
  • Expedite training for field staff through an intuitive, simplified web app

Solving Complex Problems With Teamwork and Smarter Software

RedPeg needed to manage thousands of executions across the country on behalf of several disparate clients. Routing and scheduling details needed to be recorded, with documentation stored and accessible for field staff to prepare for each activation.

A Network Ninja project manager and a small development team worked closely with the agency to map out the system requirements. Leveraging Network Ninja’s 15 years of experience building experiential campaign management software allowed the combined team to meet client specs while also adhering to industry best practices.

Screenshot of Event Map.
Screenshot of Event Calendar.
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New functionality was implemented to support specialized dashboards, calendars for scheduling and tracking events, monitoring of time-sensitive tasks through custom alerts and notifications, third-party integrations, and managing staffing needs for every execution.

Additionally, various reporting capabilities for each client were required, which had to be fulfilled immediately after every execution. MainEvent offered the ability to collect and distribute event outcomes which included both quantitative data as well as photos and videos obtained on-site.

Screenshot of Analysis Dashboard.
Screenshot of Analysis Dashboard.

Integration is the Key

MainEvent can integrate with most data-collection providers to combine event data from many different sources into a single platform. RedPeg’s field staff captured consumer data on-site, and Network Ninja coordinated with the vendor to incorporate the collected data into the MainEvent implementation.

Customized email and SMS notifications were also developed to monitor the collected data and communicate with operations, staffing, and field users to ensure that tasks were completed in a timely manner out in the field.

Outcomes & Impact

As RedPeg’s business has evolved, MainEvent has adapted to their changing needs, providing customized reporting, automated notifications, staffing capabilities, and a growing database of historical event data. By mining this data, the company can drive decisions about future programs and events.

Before using MainEvent, RedPeg built their own software for managing their experiential campaigns, but over time they outgrew its capabilities. In switching to MainEvent, they got to focus on what they do best - delivering an outstanding experiential marketing campaign - and gained the in-depth industry knowledge and proven track record of MainEvent.

“Harnessing the power of consumer data is critical in today’s marketing world. Network Ninja has provided a software solution that has allowed us to better manage our field teams, operations, and reporting outputs.”

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Matt Sincaglia, Sr. Director of Strategy

RedPeg Marketing