How the Wienermobile and Nutmobile Manage Their Cross-Country Campaigns

KraftHeinz handles teams, events, requests, communication, and data collection with one integrated platform powering iconic vehicular interactions.

A 27 foot-long tube of shiny, polished fiberglass motors down I-10 across the Florida panhandle. Its destination? The Tallahassee Automobile Museum, where the hot-dog-on-wheels will bring smiles to hundreds of enthusiasts.

People dressed up as hot dog condiments in front of the Oscar Mayer WienerMobile.

Across the country, a highly textured 26 foot-long motorized peanut hull pulls up to a local zoo. Mr. Peanut hops out and waves to the adoring crowd, which snaps photos to share to social media.

Front of the NUTMobile in parked in front of a lake.

Tomorrow, the Wienermobile and Nutmobile - probably America’s best-loved marketing vehicles - are heading to new cities. Along for the ride, as always, is KraftHeinz’s MainEvent-powered software platform, which allows them to:

  • Schedule thousands of consumer and KraftHeinz employee event requests
  • Provide branded, consumer-facing microsites for routing & visit info
  • Support the routing and logistics of each vehicle and scheduled visits
  • Evaluate event success with customizable data collection and reporting from each execution
  • Leverage historical data to help evaluate the likely success of requested events

When you log tens of thousands of miles a year in the country’s most recognizable vehicles, it’s important to quantify your efforts. The big wheels keep on turning - and so does the software helping KraftHeinz spread cheer across America.

“MainEvent was easy to work with and very accommodating to the unique needs of our programs. Our scheduling, event management and analytics were taken to a new level. We look forward to an on-going relationship with MainEvent as our programs continue to evolve.”

Headshot of Ed Roland Sr.

Ed Roland Sr, Experiential Marketing Manager


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