How Brands and Agencies are Using MainEvent Today

Meet the latest batch of organizations making data-driven decisions on a highly configurable field marketing platform.

For all of us in the experiential and field marketing world, the past year has been quite a challenge. However, we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and are excited to welcome the return of more live activations.

We’re also very fortunate to have had several new customers join the MainEvent family over the past few months. This diverse group of brands and agencies may have varying products and strategies, but they all have one thing in common: utilizing the MainEvent platform to drive better reporting and analysis for their programs.

Mash Live logo.

Mash Live is a team of experiential experts who offer crafted experiences to delight, excite and engage. They understand how to make lasting impressions on people - not only at the experience, but on those who read about it in the headlines and see it in their newsfeeds, too. They’ve mastered the balance between mind-bending creativity and effective, realistic executions.

Mash Live is using MainEvent to measure quantitative data like Mass Impressions, Engagements, and Premiums Distributed, and qualitative like Consumer Quotes, Highlights, and Lowlights - all delivered to customers like T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

“MainEvent makes our process smoother and keeps the clients happy. It has put us a step above the rest and we just need to continue tweaking it as best we can to tailor it to our needs and their wants.”

Headshot of Nani Rogers.

Nani Rogers, Regional Field Manager

Mash Live

Engage & Resonate logo.

Engage & Resonate is a leading-edge experiential marketing agency led by an award-winning event production and branded content team, specializing in the creation of meaningful consumer engagements to increase impact, build brands, and drive purchase intent.

Across big-name clients like Amazon, Under Armour, and Bud Lite, Engage & Resonate will use MainEvent to track the impact of creative services like mobile tours, pop-up shops, and guerilla marketing.

Inspira Marketing logo.

Inspira Marketing started with a simple mission: forge indelible connections between brands and consumers. To do that, they assembled a team of strategists, creatives, and brand activators - ones who shared a passion for connecting with people in new and exciting ways. The data behind these programs is now being tracked and reported on in MainEvent.

Inspira’s also known for their work in the community. The company is dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancer, and often partners with social services agencies like Save the Children to make a difference in the lives of in-need families.

Girl handing a Save the Children backpack to another girl.

Inspira Marketing logo.

Vitro is band of self-described “market share thieves” comprised of artistic entrepreneurs, business buccaneers, retail revolutionaries, and digital explorers. As a full-service agency, Vitro’s capabilities are numerous - strategy, creative, digital, and production, to name a few.

On the experiential side of things, Vitro will use MainEvent to measure the impact of their efforts and provide clients with the data that sophisticated, modern brands demand.

Wheelhouse Marketing logo.

Wheelhouse Marketing is a group of impassioned and creative individuals who know that there are no traffic jams on the extra mile. They develop connectivity between brands and consumers by bringing them together in a forum that is imaginative, innovative and inspirational.

Their distinctively human approach helps transform consumers into fans - with rich data in MainEvent to back it up.

CLAMOR logo.

CLAMOR is a strategic marketing and experiential agency. Their singular mission is to command consumer attention through exceptional work - guided by a belief that memorable experiences build brand loyalty.

That sounds like a great mission to us. With MainEvent’s suite of focused experiential tools, CLAMOR is better prepared to deliver results than ever before.

Star One Events, LLC

Star One Events crafts personalized brand experiences with a singular focus: to create memorable, nuanced, authentic spirits-industry events. Star One Events will be responsible for managing Jägermeister samplings nationally and provide a central portal for all agencies to schedule, staff, and report on their samplings.

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