Nani Rogers of Mash Live Rises Quickly to Earn Ninja of the Month Honors

Nani is a superstar. Plain and simple. That’s why she’s the Ninja of the Month for May 2021.

In late 2020, with a pandemic raging behind the scenes, Nani Rogers’ career as a content creator was no longer sustainable. “I was frantically searching for a new job,” she says. “My husband had also lost his job so we needed some sort of way to sustain our life and our son.”

Nani found a job posting from Mash Live, a leading experiential marketing and staffing agency. She crushed the interview and was hired. As proof of her awesomeness, after only one week on the job as Team Lead - leveraging her 5+ years of experience in the events industry - Nani was promoted to Regional Field Manager.

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Titles aside, Nani fills many roles in her daily work life. “I step in wherever I’m needed,” she notes, including tech assistance, recruiting, training new employees (BA, TL, FM, and RFMs alike), and staffing. For her exemplary work with Mash Live and its MainEvent application, we’re proud to honor Nani as the Ninja of the Month!

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From Tedious & Confusing to Smooth & Happy

When Nani first started at Mash Live, they were using a combination of apps, spreadsheets, documents, and forms to manage their activations. “It was a tedious and confusing process,” Nani says. “Things would fall through the cracks.”

Once Mash Live found MainEvent, however, things quickly changed. Nani was dedicated to exploring the platform from the get-go, and demonstrated a keen ability to understand its value. Efficiency and communication improved, which, in turn, led to happier clients.

“MainEvent makes our process smoother and keeps the clients happy. It has put us a step above the rest and we just need to continue tweaking it as best we can to tailor it to our needs and their wants.”

Headshot of Nani Rogers.

Nani Rogers, Regional Field Manager

Mash Live

These days, everyone at Mash Live uses their white-labeled MainEvent application, Mash Manager. Nani explains: “We have 11 ‘internal’ staff (Regionals, Field Managers, and HR/Salaried employees). We then have 50-100 Brand Ambassadors and Team Leads throughout the country, and some months we’ll have more than others depending on our activations.”

Letting Data Tell the Story

With Mash Live, Nani often works with T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. These forward-thinking clients demand multiple metrics and KPIs, which are all tracked in MainEvent. “Quantitative data includes Mass Impressions, Engagements, and Premiums Distributed,” Nani says. “Qualitative data encompasses things like Consumer Quotes, Highlights, and Lowlights.”

Along with client data, “We also use MainEvent to track expenses, shifts (clock ins/outs), staff and event management, and a hub for reconciliation and estimate documents,” Nani notes.

What Lies Ahead for Experiential?

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic this year, Nani predicts we’re going to have to rethink what experiential means, especially now that safety measures will likely be sticking around for a while.

“We’re going to have to think out of the box on how to engage consumers while keeping them and our team safe until, hopefully, we are all fully vaccinated,” Nani says. “Even then, we don’t know what this virus will continue to do and how it will impact us.”

“We’re picking up more events, for sure, so that tells me that brighter and busier days are coming,” she concludes. With experienced, motivated people like Nani on the job, we think so, too.

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Ninja of the Month

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