Requesting Events and Assets Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

With MainEvent’s specialized tools, you’ll effortlessly request, manage, and approve events and assets.

In experiential marketing, we spend months designing and building these beautiful event sites, vehicles, uniforms, digital components, giveaways, and assets. We go back and forth with the brand and internal teams to get every little detail perfectly right.

Then there’s the final (and perhaps most important) detail: where are we going to activate to justify the time and money invested? We could build the most interactive, engaging, eye-catching event sites and assets out there, but if we don’t send them to the best locations - with the right group of target consumers - then what’s the point?

It’s usually a group effort to collect and select the best events and places to be at. We’ll likely have input from:

  • The brand team driving the program,
  • The field marketing and sales team with local insights,
  • The agency team activating in the market being approached with great opportunities, and
  • Consumer brand fanatics that know all the hot spots.

Easy Mode: MainEvent’s Event/Asset Request Tool

The Event/Asset Request Tool is a single, turnkey solution to request, manage, and approve event and asset requests. Various stakeholders - from sales teams and agencies to consumer brand fanatics - can even submit requests from their mobile device or computer without having to login to MainEvent.

That means you’ll always put the right assets at the right places at the right times.

Requests, Your Way

The Event/Asset Request Tool can be customized based on brand logos and colors, while allowing access to everyone - or only a specific email domain - to submit a request.

Once authenticated, the event submission form allows users to see the availability of each program, tour or asset prior to making a request. Based on the location entered, the user can see open, pending, and booked dates. If something is already booked on the date of the request the user will not be able to request it.

Screenshot of app showing how to request an event including handy calendar.

You can set up the logic-based event/asset request submission form by client or program, based on the information needed to successfully execute. Collect required info like load in/loud out times, contact names, permits, and giveaways needed prior to approving.

Here’s how KraftHeinz runs its Wienermobile and Nutmobile programs

2 iPhones with the wienermobile and the nutmobile site shown.

After an event is submitted, automated notifications are sent during the submission and approval process to provide updates of all requests without any manual effort. This keeps everyone in the know - no more forgetting to send an update email!

Seamless Integration with MainEvent

All event/asset requests and approvals work automatically within MainEvent. You can view event/asset requests via tour routing map and calendar once approved, and allow staff to recap and report to customers once events are completed.

Screenshot of an event requests map.

Screenshot of an event requests calendar.

Go even further when you use the MainEvent Asset Management Module, which automates all the asset management steps without the need for human interaction.

Event/Asset Request Tool Highlights

  • Customer-facing branded site allowing individuals to submit event requests and access availability of mobile tour(s) or asset(s) from their phone or computer without the need to login to the MainEvent management site.
  • Provide customers the availability of tours and assets prior to making the request, providing transparency and more accurate requests. For example, if an asset is already booked for an event on the date of the request, the user may not request the asset.
  • Logic-based event request submission form by client or program based on the information required. The intent is to simplify the request process for end users.
  • Automated notifications during submittal and approval process to provide updates of all requests without any manual effort.
  • Branded access to event request pages based on customer requirements (e.g, logo and colors).

You’re dedicated to simplifying processes, increasing productivity, and producing impactful results for the brands you produce field marketing services for. Let MainEvent’s experiential marketing software help you make it happen.

A live demo is the best way to experience the Event/Asset Request Tool. Reach out today for more information.

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