Wil Monestime of Do It Outdoors is Our Ninja of the Month for April

Wil Monestime is a true jack-of-all-trades, and a natural choice for our inaugural Ninja of the Month award.

Occasionally, we’ll select a worthy client across the Network Ninja product spectrum for a special call-out and a unique award. We’re calling it the Ninja of the Month.

Wil Monestime, National Field Marketing Manager over at Do It Outdoors (a MainEvent client), really can do it all. He’s equally effective on the basketball court, working the turntables as a DJ, or running cutting edge marketing campaigns from the office – or out in the field.

That’s why we chose him as our Ninja of the Month for April 2018!

wil reporting.

Running the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company isn’t easy, and Do It Outdoors leverages MainEvent’s experiential marketing platform to help manage their clients’ ever-changing needs.

Wil and his teammates use MainEvent to track all kinds of details about their clients’ events, including weather conditions, daily impressions, samples distributed, and quotes from consumers. They even upload photos of these interactions right in MainEvent, then use our advanced Reporting features to mine that data. Wil also creates some amazing training manuals for his team to use during Do It Outdoors’ fun and interactive events, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Do it outdoors logo.

Serving the needs of so many field marketing clients also requires a special skill set that few ninjas possess. With that in mind, Do It Outdoors recommended Wil to receive our Ninja of the Month award, citing his adherence to the “Extreme Ninja” way of marketing.

“A ninja or shinobi is a covert agent or mercenary at Do It Outdoors. The functions of the Extreme Ninja include, but are not limited to being an: Experiential Mixologist, Thought Leader, Experiential Engineer, EMT (Emergency Marketing Technician), Craftsman, Transformer, Brand Strategist + Highly Imaginative and Inspiring Experiential Creative Guru… who is an expert in infiltrating behind the Brands Lines using guerrilla warfare!”

Headshot of Rick Pace.

Rick Pace, VP Experiential & New Business Development

Do It Outdoors

Do It Outdoors’ clients see them as a well-oiled fighting machine, and Wil Monestime’s ninja skills are clearly on point. A special ninja deserves a special gift, so our design team whipped up a snappy t-shirt just for him, modeled after the official PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games gold medal.

pyeongchang gold medal

Check out the full t-shirt design in all its glory. You can even download an open source full version of the graphic to make a custom shirt of your own if you like!

“Thank you so much and I’m honored to have the Olympic Ninja shirt as a sweet trophy!”

Headshot of Wil Monestime.

Wil Monestime, National Field Marketing Manager

Do you know a special ninja that deserves recognition? Contact us to nominate an experiential or field marketing operative to receive our next award!

Drawing of a red ninja holding up two swords.
Ninja of the Month

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