Visit Visualizations, Unlimited Dashboards Headline MainEvent’s Latest Enhancements

With more visuals, scalability, analysis, and integrations, the most comprehensive field marketing software just got even better.

For field marketing agencies and brands, the need for in-depth analysis and proof-of-results has never been greater. To help meet this demand, MainEvent recently expanded its reporting tools to be more flexible than ever.

Visit Visualization Tool

Screenshot showing Nintendo Switch Online memebrship and demographic data graphs in MainEvent.

  • Analyze real-time visit/event data using a variety of graphical tools
  • Customize page layout and content to meet your reporting needs
  • Include third-party data like sales imports or collected leads to tell the complete story: How did we impact sales? Did we attract the right customers?

Unlimited Dashboards

Screenshot showing Nintendo Switch Online memebrship and demographic data graphs in MainEvent.

  • Create any number of client, program, visit type, or account type dashboards
  • Assign dashboards to different users/roles to serve up targeted data visualizations to leadership, clients, and operations
  • Build ad-hoc reports and client decks on a moment’s notice

Screenshot showing Visits, Engagements, and Events data graphs in a MainEvent dashboard.

Historical Account Analysis Tool

Screenshot showing Activities/Events compared to Depletions and Velocity in MainEvent.

  • See an in-depth analysis of each account; draw on historical data to guide decision making
  • Leverage account visit history to help guide and predict future outcomes
  • Answer questions like: How does this account rank for sales by market, region, nationally? What day/time is best for visits? What products should be marketed?
  • Calculate KPIs such as total activations by date/time, best/worst staff to work the account, samples, sales, conversion rate, products sold, price details, and rankings
  • Use integrations like 3rd party sales data to help measure the impact of field activity

Screenshot showing Store and Off-Premise Product Sales Categories visual data in MainEvent.

Integration Management Tool

Screenshot showing Integration Fields tool in MainEvent.

  • Create new third-party integrations on the fly without any MainEvent developer involvement
  • Import staff, visit, and account data into MainEvent for display and analysis
  • View and audit all imports, transfers, and validation failures, and send error emails to anyone that needs to know
  • Create integrations and validation rules, add SFTP accounts, and view audit history all from a single easy to use interface

Screenshot showing Email Integration in in MainEvent.

Screenshot showing Integration Details in MainEvent.

With new visualizations, more dashboards, better access to historical data, and beefed-up integrations, field marketers have a bevy of additional functionality at their disposal. But we aren’t stopping there - stay tuned for even more tools coming in 2021.

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