Learn from the Experts in MainEvent’s Online Training Sessions

Weekly live training webinars help you learn the ropes, hone your skills, and master new features.

We are excited to introduce MainEvent Training Sessions! These weekly live webinars cover a variety of beginner and advanced topics to help users get the most out of all the great features that MainEvent offers.

Refer to the MainEvent Training Schedule to find appropriate topics, dates, and times for you and your colleagues.

You can access the Training Schedule any time within your MainEvent application on the Global page, within the new embedded Help Menu.

Screenshot of MainEvent Help Menu with Training Schedule link.

Meet Your Trainer

Training Sessions are led by Katrina “Kat” Corbi, an 11-year veteran on the MainEvent team.

Picture of MainEvent Trainer Kat Corbi.

Kat has led thousands of trainings for field marketers, and has served as an account manager for a variety of experiential, brand ambassador, mobile tour, and sampling programs.

Current Training Opportunities

Train Sessions take place on Fridays at 2:00pm Central Time. Trainings are separated into six fundamental areas:

  • Session 1 - Getting Started - You have a new program launching, now what?
  • Session 2 - Events, Visits and Staff - How to set up events and assign staff to meet your needs.
  • Session 3 - Creating/Editing Recaps - Getting the most out of your recaps.
  • Session 4 - Reporting - How to automate, pull, and analyze your data.
  • Session 5 - Admin Management - Behind the scenes set up and maintenance.
  • Session 6 - New Functionality / Recent Additions - What’s new and how it can benefit your programs.

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