Listen to MainEvent’s Andy Plax on the “Demystifying Data” Podcast

Our intrepid product lead chats with marketing expert Chris Clegg about MainEvent’s evolving role in the experiential marketing industry.

Do you work in experiential or field marketing? (Probably, since you’re reading this.) Do you like podcasts? (Who doesn’t?)

Then do we have something special for you! MainEvent’s own Andy Plax recently dropped by the Demystifying Data podcast to talk with sociologist-turned-marketer Chris Clegg about all things experiential.

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Across this two-part series, you’ll discover:

  • A bit of history on Network Ninja and MainEvent
  • Why Andy got involved in the nascent experiential industry nearly two decades ago
  • Agency barriers to getting started in the experiential space
  • How brand expectations for experiential data have changed in recent years
  • Common experiential data collection and processing challenges (and solutions)
  • The role of AI and machine learning in gleaning insights from multiple data sources
  • What’s next for MainEvent - and the future of the field and experiential marketing industry

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

“People are looking at experiential marketing as something much more tangible than they were years ago. They’re focusing on goals, and want to use software to figure out ‘did we get what we paid for?’”

Headshot of Andy Plax.

Andy Plax, MainEvent Product Lead

Network Ninja

A special thanks goes out to Chris Clegg for having Andy on. If you like what you hear, subscribe to the Demystifying Data podcast for more great marketing content. If you’d like to talk with Andy about how MainEvent can organize your experiential and field marketing programs, get in touch with us.

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