With marijuana legalization sweeping North America, a young crop of companies are making their mark on the modern business landscape - not to mention the field marketing world.

Established in 2014, Grassroots Cannabis had humble beginnings as an Illinois-based dispensary operator. Now the largest private cannabis company in America, Grassroots produces premium products like flowers, concentrates, vapes, and edibles, across multiple U.S. states, all while maintaining the company’s focus on building local communities.

As the company expands, its field marketing initiatives are growing as well. Grassroots is active at a number of events, such as dispensary grand openings, sponsorships, and trade shows, with many more marketing initiatives in the works. To manage and report on all these executions - including the ability to configure recaps to address various questions and products during demos - Grassroots chose MainEvent.

screenshot of the mainevent dashboard with all kinds of cool graphs and widgets.

Grassroots and Network Ninja worked together to create an integrated platform to accommodate the company’s increasingly metric-centric approach. The MainEvent-powered program stretches across retail, festival, educational, and dispensary activations, and with such diversity in events, organized and clear reporting is a must. Configurable recaps and dashboard charts and stats allow for easily digestible data to be displayed and collected.

“We’ve been on a one-year exercise of building best-in-class data analytics, which we think is going to separate us from a lot of the other guys in the business.”
Mitchell Kahn, CEO

Like the cannabis industry itself, cannabis field marketing is a nascent field with a lot of growth ahead of it. Data-driven companies will undoubtedly hold the edge, and the MainEvent team is proud to work with forward-thinking firms like Grassroots that hold the keys to legal cannabis’ future.

Reach out to us to see how MainEvent can turn your experiential and field marketing initiatives into actionable data.