Fuse is Raising the Bar for Brand Ambassadors

Marketing experts create authentic experiences, and MainEvent helps quantify them.

When brands want to engage with teens and young adults, Fuse is usually the marketing firm of choice. For the past two decades, they’ve worked with the biggest names in the consumer, sport, and lifestyle spaces, bringing memorable experiences to young audiences and delivering measurable results to clients.

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Since 2016, Fuse has used MainEvent to manage its experiential and field marketing operations, which often leverage its large team of Brand Ambassadors across the country. MainEvent keeps campaigns organized with tailored staffing and assignment tools - simplifying the hiring process, and ensuring Ambassadors know exactly what’s expected of them.

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Like their clients, Fuse is highly data-oriented. As marketing requirements continue to grow and change, MainEvent’s in-depth reports provide visibility into the metrics customers care about the most.

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“MainEvent’s reporting really provides solid data for clients, and its flexibility allows us to get as detailed as clients want.”

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Nina Brand, Account Manager


Explore the full case study to see how Fuse uses sophisticated software to drive successful campaigns. Then drop us a line and learn how MainEvent’s cloud-based app can give your firm or brand a competitive advantage.

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