The Past, Present, and Future of Field Marketing

Where the industry is heading, according to Montage Marketing’s Group Account Director, Dianne Beltran.

Dianne Beltran - Group Account Director at Montage Marketing Group - developed her affinity for experiential/field marketing back in high school. “I fell in love with the industry right away,” she says. “I get to go to cool events, share great information, and talk and be nice to people,” she says.

To gain some insight into that passion, our own Andy Plax sat down with Dianne to chat about her evolving career, how the industry has changed over the years, and how MainEvent keeps her day-to-day work life running smoothly.

Personal and professional growth

Across various roles, Dianne has mastered all facets of the field marketing process. From being a brand ambassador and doing field work, to executing as team lead, marketing manager, and talent manager overseeing all tours for 20 field managers and 600 staff, she’s truly done it all.

Seeking to push her career even further, Dianne joined Montage six years ago, and has been there ever since.

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Led by CEO Mercedita Roxas-Murray, and helped by Dianne’s expertise, Montage has become a big force in the experiential industry. From mobile tours to guerrilla events, to conventions, street teams, Montage spans the globe supporting several industries with their marketing, operations, and executions of field activations. Some of Montage’s big-name governmental and corporate clients include the National Park Service, Target, and National Institute of Health.

Putting people first

When asked how Montage has climbed to the top of the field marketing world, Dianne clearly focuses on the human element.

“We have a Montage family, we look out after each other. That belief transcends to our clients and the customers that we interact with.”

Headshot of Dianne Beltran.

Dianne Beltran, Group Account Manager

Montage Marketing Group

“It comes down to the relationships that we build,” Dianne says. “The human connection to understand where someone comes from and what moves them, is what moves everything else.”

“We stand behind every project that we take,” she continues. “The level of commitment that we provide is something that we can relate to on a personal level. Everyone has a connection on our team and it shows.”

Software to bring it all together

So, where does MainEvent fit within the Montage success story? “A lot of our work is very data driven,” Dianne says. “We have multiple partners - it’s a network of entities that are providing information to the overall goal. MainEvent has allowed us to centralize the work that everybody’s doing, so that we can show the impact and report on that impact.”

“In real time, we can see the efficacy of our work in MainEvent.”

Headshot of Dianne Beltran.

Dianne Beltran, Group Account Manager

Montage Marketing Group

“For the mobile tours, MainEvent is pretty seamless, because it was built for the industry. We can streamline the production of an event. We can facilitate communication with the field to the event brief. We don’t need to use any other documents,” Dianne notes.

Screenshot showing mobile tour dashboard with charts and graphs in MainEvent.

“We can then report the results with the client to show a live overview of where we are today, so they can look at their program. MainEvent helps with the efficiency and being transparent in the work that we do with all our stakeholders. People are really excited about the outcomes of their activities.”

Within MainEvent, Montage provides transparency and accountability to all customers and partners. The amount of time and effort to share outcomes and provide analysis is reduced, since all stakeholders use the same platform.

“Regardless of where our partners are in the country, in real-time, we can see the efficacy of the work within MainEvent,” Dianne concludes.

Special thanks to Dianne Beltran for sharing her experiences, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve the entire wonderful team at Montage over the past four years. If you’d like to be the next firm to use MainEvent, hit us up for a demo.

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