Staying healthy and active while being a beer lover can be tough, but Athletic Brewing has used those conflicting ideas to create delicious non-alcoholic craft brews. In fact, they are the first brewery in the U.S. that is fully devoted to the production of non-alcoholic craft beer - and they have put plenty of care and energy into giving people the option to have great tasting beers without the alcohol content.

“It’s great craft beer, very clean label, low in calories, and just happens to be non-alcoholic beer,” Says Bill Shufelt, Founder of Athletic Brewing Company. “Until very recently, that’s been a very controversial, highly stigmatized product category.”

Indeed, the thought of non-alcoholic beer draws laughs from a lot of suds fans - hence the importance of physically getting the product in front of people so they can try it themselves and see how good it is. “The turnaround is incredible, as long as you get the beer in their hand, people get it, they enjoy it,” notes Shufelt.

“We’ve really found that meeting consumers where they are, at the finish lines of races where they’re having a great time, we give out thousands of beers, tell them about our product, give them merchandise and’s a blast.”
Bill Shufelt, Founder

Pairing the beer with athletic events has been a match made in heaven, and measuring that consumer engagement is critical. That’s why Athletic Brewing is leveraging MainEvent to track and manage their activations at sponsored events across the United States, including collaborations with Spartan, Delmo Sports Elite Events, and AVP.

image of post-spartan race celebratory beer

As pioneers in the revolution of non-alcoholic craft beer, Athletic plans to stay aggressive with marketing initiatives. “We are constantly out in the field, either sponsoring athletic events, in grocery stores, doing taproom events - we have an all non-alcoholic taproom,” says Shufelt.

MainEvent will be along for the ride, providing valuable insights across a new generation of health-conscious drinkers. Bottoms up, athletes!

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