Next Level Marketing Case Study

Next Level required a software vendor that could keep pace with their rapid growth and accommodate the needs of their beer and spirit clientele.

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Since 2005, Next Level Marketing (NLM) has been one of the beverage industry’s leading activation agencies across the United States.

NLM conducts over 40,000 executions annually in 200 markets for a variety of brand ambassador, consumer sampling, and field marketing campaigns.

To support the logistics, reporting, and overall management of these programs, NLM sought out a software vendor that could keep pace with their rapid growth and accommodate their unique needs.

Event/Activity Execution Summary

  • Field complete activation summaries based on the activity type (e.g, event, meeting), program and brand(s) involved.
  • Multimedia (photos/videos) storage
  • Potential integrations include data sales integrations, social media (Twitter and Instagram) and consumer data collection surveys.
  • Access to Google maps, Google places, based on location of account from a mobile device or tablet.

Event Summary

Solution Overview

Manage the scheduling, recapping, and custom reporting for over 210 brand ambassadors, field marketing, and sampling programs at over 20,000 locations.

Collect, approve, process, and report on the payroll and expenses for over 3,000 field staff.

Deliver program and execution reporting tailored to the custom needs of diverse group of customers.

Showcase custom dashboards that provide real-time transparency and ensure goals and objectives for every client are being achieved.

Leverage a staff rating and evaluation system which ensures all executions are staffed by the most qualified individuals.


  • Real-time display of pertinent program information through the use of graphs, charts and visual analysis.
  • User configurable
  • Exportable for a variety of image types (PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG)


Accounts Summary

  • Overview of entire history of account for the organization.
  • Examples of data stored include contact information, event/activity history, account performance relative to market/region, sales history, photos, contracts and documents.
  • Option to import accounts automatically through Nielson or other means (e.g, brand account list).

Account Summary


“Customer reporting, staff management/billing, and goal tracking are all vital aspects of our business that need to be managed properly. We required a solution that was not out of the box, but tailored to the specific needs of our organization. In partnership with Network Ninja, we collaboratively developed an application that allows us to not only survive but to thrive in the marketplace.”
Paige Seager, Partner
Next Level Marketing