Moosylvania and the ASSA ABLOY Innovation Fleet Case Study

Moosylvania enlisted MainEvent as their partner, with the aim of creating a custom software solution that could be a central portal for their ever growing program.

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Moosylvania has been working hand in hand with ASSA ABLOY for many years, showcasing their products and reaching decision makers throughout North America with The ASSA ABLOY Mobile Innovation Fleet. Throughout the years, they’ve assisted ASSA ABLOY in executing more than 2,500 strategic channel events focused on healthcare, education, sustainability, housing, government, lodging and retail, reaching upwards of 30,000 people and traveling more than half a million miles.

Data Collection

We worked in partnership with Moosylvania to integrate their custom lead generation application with MainEvent, allowing for all program data to be aggregated in real-time on the MainEvent site.

Screenshot of Data Collection.

“The site has become bigger and greater than we had ever imagined. As we continued to introduce technology advances with data capturing, Network Ninja worked with us every step of the way to integrate with MainEvent.”

Headshot of Daniel Foppe.

Daniel Foppe, Event Producer


Task Automation

One major advantage of having a central portal for the program was the ability to automate many previously manual tasks. Whether it be event detail updates, revised routing schedules, or invitation creation, all tasks could be conducted and immediately shared on a single platform. Eliminating the need for constant back and forth communication, these efficiencies allowed the experiential marketers more time to do what they do best: create and execute impactful events for their clients.

Screenshot of Task Automation.

Routing and Analysis

With the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Innovation Fleet being a yearly experiential program, Moosylvania and their client benefit greatly from the historical routing and performance data now available at their fingertips. Providing all parties with immediate access to past successes greatly helps inform future decisions.

Screenshot of Routing and Analysis.

“MainEvent has become an integral part of efficiently managing our yearly mobile marketing program, which consists of an 8-vehicle fleet. The system has enabled us to create a well defined, streamlined process for the creation, confirmation, and recapping of over 1,000 events per year.”

Headshot of Daniel Foppe.

Daniel Foppe, Event Producer