DirecToHispanic Case Study

With help from MainEvent, DirecToHispanic is able to precisely track the performance of every in-store execution in real time, including data points such as samples, coupons, and per product inventory.

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DirecToHispanic (DTH) is a full-service experiential marketing promotions company that executes over 15,000+ in-store events annually. DTH’s brand ambassadors provide a breadth of services at these promotions, including increasing awareness through displays, POS, and coupons, as well as thousands of one-on-one customer engagements.

Data Collection

MainEvent worked closely with DirecToHispanic to create customized recaps which track each client's inventory and sales on a per event basis. Using that data, DirecToHispanic is able to analyze where certain products perform most successfully, and determine how they might improve those stores that are underperforming.

Screenshot of Data Collection.

Portal Power

With MainEvent, DirecToHispanic can quickly and efficiently upload all executions complete with their brand ambassador, market, and program assignments, saving precious time and avoiding tedious work, all while reducing user error. Housing all event data in one location allows DTH the ability to leverage and compile the knowledge gained from every execution on a account level, market level, or regional level. This results in a more in-depth, layered perspective for both DTH and their clients.

Screenshot of Portal Power.

Enhanced Reporting

Exercising MainEvent's robust reporting capabilities, DirecToHispanic provides their clients with comprehensive analysis on every aspect of their executions, making use of both custom reports and live dashboards. Reporting on MainEvent allows for data to be manipulated based on client need, focusing on brand and product performance on both a micro and macro scale.

Screenshot of Enhanced Reporting.

“As an organization that executes thousands of events per month, with hundreds of brand ambassadors in the field, we need a resource to manage our scheduling, recapping and reporting needs. MainEvent fills that void.”

Headshot of Sonia Friedman.

Sonia Friedman, Field Marketing Director