The Proof Behind Experiential Marketing Data

MainEvent will help Proof Experiences provide data-driven results for award-winning campaigns.

The marketing gurus at Proof Experiences have executed memorable brand experiences across Canada for over 20 years. The firm, which challenges companies to “look for Proof, not promises,” sports offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and offers a wide array of services, including:

  • Experiential & field marketing
  • Trial and sampling programs
  • Product launches, and
  • Staffing and mystery shopping.

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Proof’s mission is to deliver results that are Meaningful, Memorable, and Measurable. MainEvent will soon be of great help on the final piece of that credo, providing a single platform for Proof to collect, store, and quantify all of its activations across thousands of campaigns.

The data-focused agency will utilize MainEvent’s tools to analyze consumer metrics and provide the social value insights that Proof’s clients demand. Those customers, which include names like Netflix, RBC, and Kijiji, are looking for one thing: results. To that end, MainEvent’s Dashboards, Reports, and Logic-based Recaps will all be precisely configured to satisfy both agency and brand.

logic based recaps screenshot form response screenshot

“We chose Proof as our name because it speaks directly to what we do,” said Proof Inc. CEO Bruce MacLellan last year. “We analyze and find insights, and then develop credible, measurable ways to reach and engage with audiences, with evaluation at every step.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. With a combination of marketing expertise and smarter software, Proof and MainEvent are a match made in heaven.

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