Help When You Need It, 24/7

Now it’s easier than ever to find assistance on MainEvent with the Help Center and embedded Help Widget.

MainEvent’s new Help Center is your ticket to on-demand help. Just click the green light bulb icon on any page to bring up the Help Widget, which displays suggested help articles and videos tailored to your current location in the app.

Screenshot of MainEvent Help Widget showing help articles.

The help content includes step-by-step articles with images and videos, without needing to leave MainEvent. From how to add an event, to building your own dashboards or reports - no matter how small or large the task - the Help Widget has you covered.

“The embedded Help Widget has allowed us to extend the amount of service we can offer to our customers, giving them a self-service option without having to ask for a one-on-one call or set up training. Our end goal is to reduce the effort needed to get their work done.”

Headshot of Alison Bovaird.

Alison Bovaird, MainEvent Account Manager

Network Ninja

In addition to the Help Widget, MainEvent customers can visit our dedicated Help Center, which contains a variety of assistance for users, including recent code releases that provide the latest and greatest updates for the application.

Screenshot of MainEvent Help Center showing search functionality and most popular help articles.

Inside or outside the application, MainEvent users have access to the help they need, when they need it. If you want to see the Help Center in action, book a demo today.

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