Mosaic’s QA Analysts Earn Ninja of the Month Honors

Testing software is often difficult, but these guys make it look easy.

Mosaic is one of the largest experiential agencies in the world, and is unique among MainEvent clients for many reasons. One of those reasons is that Mosaic has its own in-house quality assurance (QA) team. This detail-oriented group ensures that the technology powering millions of event and field activations is working properly - precisely to spec, every time.

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We chose two of Mosaic’s QA analysts, Sudeep Dalela and Gundeep Vohra, as our co-Ninjas of the Month because of their dedicated work alongside the Network Ninja team.

Dalela and Vohra help make the software the best it can possibly be, often testing complicated requirements from client teams within very short timeframes. Thanks to Sudeep and Gundeep, Mosaic is able to support 40,000 staff, 73 unique clients, and 617 programs in multiple languages and countries.

sudeep and gundeep

We sat down with these two recently to learn more about what makes them tick.

“Right from my early childhood days, I was inclined towards I.T.,” says Dalela. “But I was never interested in doing development work. Rather, I was wondering how things work, and how things break.”

Vohra took a bit of a different path to get to QA. “I initially started out with development, and quickly also got involved in some testing activities, web testing, mobile testing,” he says. Six years ago, he pivoted to a full-time QA position, “and the rest is history.”

sudeep and gundeep

Mosaic’s custom MainEvent implementation is called MosaicField. A big part of Dalela and Vohra’s job is to put the application through its paces each day, starting by gathering requirements, then running analyses and evaluating test cases. Along the way, the analysts frequently interface with several members of the Mosaic and MainEvent teams.

One day, the analysts may be stressing the limits of the event mass-creation import tools, and the next could involve verifying the accuracy of data sent via a brand-specific reporting integration.

“MosaicField is such a logical application that testing it is fun, every day we learn something new.”

Headshot of Sudeep Dalela.

Sudeep Dalela, QA Analyst


When they aren’t busy testing a massive application like MosaicField to make it the best, most usable tool it can be, the analysts are pursuing other interests. “I do a lot of home automation stuff,” says Dalela, who also writes for tech blogs and develops mobile apps. In contrast, Vohra says “I don’t do too much of the technical stuff [outside of work],” preferring to spend his time reading and playing ping-pong.

We certainly learned a lot working together over the past six months with Mosaic’s QA analysts, both personally and professionally. “It is a very nice collaboration between Network Ninja and Mosaic’s teams,” concluded Dalela and Vohra, our Ninjas of the Month.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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Ninja of the Month

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