Gina Jackson Slays All Day to Become Ninja of the Month

Gina deftly leverages MainEvent at Visual Merchandising Services to command her army of Brand Ambassadors.

When building and managing Brand Ambassador programs for retail executions, companies naturally look to Gina Jackson and her team at Visual Merchandising Services (VMS).

Visual Merchandising Services logo.

With over 20 years of experience working with top fashion companies including Lucky Brand, GAP, and Liz Claiborne, VMS applies their vast knowledge to assist clients with merchandising and strategy to increase sales and improve outcomes. To manage hundreds of Field Staff and Brand Ambassadors at thousands of locations, VMS needed a software solution to track accounts, executions, and visit history in real time - that’s why they chose MainEvent.

Ninjas Use Teamwork

So what makes Gina Jackson the Ninja of the Month? In addition to her indelible charm, superior intellect, and tireless hustle (Gina led a team of 200 ambassadors to train and onboard a new site up within weeks), Gina’s collaboration and willingness to work with the Network Ninja account team was instrumental to VMS’ MainEvent implementation.

“My job is to to provide our Ambassadors with the best tools in the marketplace to execute their visits while allowing our clients accessibility and reporting to every visit and the reports they require in real-time.”

Headshot of Gina Jackson.

Gina Jackson, CEO, Founder

Visual Merchandising Services

vms dashboard

Visual Merchandising Services tracks and measures every visit by ambassador, store type, and location throughout their growing network. Real time reporting provides transparency and accountability for every customer.

“MainEvent and the team at Network Ninja applied our vision of Brand Ambassador visits and executions to best serve our customers. As a result of this implementation, we can provide our clients more insight and analytics for their programs while enabling our ambassadors to do what they do best - spread the gospel of the brand.”

Headshot of Gina Jackson.

Gina Jackson, CEO, Founder

Visual Merchandising Services

To symbolize the collaborative efforts between Gina and Network Ninja, we created a special version of the VMS logo with custom Ninja theming, slapped it on a comfy t-shirt, and shipped it off to Gina.

vms ninjas

Gina is an innovator, a trailblazer, and now, an official Ninja. We are fortunate to work with the entire team at VMS, and Gina’s Ninja of the Month Award is well-deserved!

Drawing of a red ninja holding up two swords.
Ninja of the Month

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