Eric Baca’s Commitment to Excellence Makes Him Ninja of the Month

Eric Baca of Strategic Group is zen-like in his mastery of MainEvent.

In MainEvent (by Network Ninja), we have users of all different levels and responsibilities. Some are casual staff users who log in, check their Shifts, maybe fill out a Recap or two. Others are power users who dabble in things like Report building and user Role management. Guru-level users may get involved in designing new functionality or workflows to make their business easier to manage.

Then, there’s Eric Baca, Director of Compliance, Systems & Training at Strategic Group. Eric architects new features, examines workflows, analyzes data, and trains thousands of field staff in a completely unprecedented way. All this and more is why we’re proud to name Eric Ninja of the Month.

Strategic Group logo.

Strategic Group is a Field Marketing/Experiential Marketing powerhouse. Based in New York City, SG manages over 130,000 executions annually primarily to Spirit clientele. Eric is key to Strategic Group’s success, ensuring the MainEvent Portal manages the 4,000 field staff, 850,000+ unique accounts, and associated budgets and payroll run smoothly for SG and its customers.

Eric’s attention to detail and willingness to work with our development team has been instrumental in our partnership over the past 10 years in the Network Ninja/Strategic Group project.

“Eric is diligent, disciplined and is always looking for ways to improve our process to make it easier for SG Field Managers to do their jobs and be more productive. His commitment to excellence makes the product better and our team better as a whole.”

Headshot of Josh Mullin.

Josh Mullin, MainEvent Developer

Network Ninja

When not tinkering on the portal, Eric enjoys “gardening” out on his 3rd floor NYC terrace (a sliver of urban outdoor paradise), new music, art and as a Buddhist maintains a daily meditation practice. Here he is wearing a sweet custom meditation-inspired Ninja of the Month shirt!

eric in his garden

“The MainEvent/Network Ninja team and I have collaborated for nearly a decade now. This relationship of understanding the product, the process, and the people that support SG allows me to better serve the organization because I can provide insight from a variety of perspectives.”

Headshot of Eric Baca.

Eric Baca, Director of Compliance, Systems & Training

Strategic Group

Congrats Eric - you are a great partner and person!

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Ninja of the Month

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