Momentum and the Share a Coke Tour Case Study

Momentum helped Coca-Cola bring the Share a Coke Campaign to life in 2014 via a national tour, allowing consumers to customize a Coca-Cola minican. The Share a Coke tour allowed hundreds of thousands of people to create personalized cans to keep, and also one to share.

Momentum logo.

Momentum continued their tour across the US in 2015 to continue helping everyone Share a Coke. At hundreds of destinations including sporting events and theme parks, Momentum rolled out specially equipped, easy-to-use kiosks that let people type in their names and customize their very own mini-cans.

In 2015, Momentum wanted to provide a more streamlined solution to scheduling and reporting, allowing access for all shareholders involved in the program. In order to help with this task, they contacted MainEvent to partner with them on the project.

Custom Requesting and Scheduling

For this program, Momentum needed the ability to move the event creation process through a very specific set of client and agency approval steps. MainEvent developed a custom client request interface that worked in tandem with their agency event approval workflow, resulting in a very automated and user-friendly system for all.

Screenshot of Custom Requesting and Scheduling.

“MainEvent provided easy access to real-time data for all of our clients. We needed a system that would allow us to control access based on role within the program (Agency, Field Managers, Clients, Staffing Support, etc), and this was a great solve.”

Headshot of Melissa Hill.

Melissa Hill, Senior Manager, Business Leadership

Momentum Worldwide

Third Party Integrations

Momentum’s program was unique in the fact that it had two crucial third party integrations that needed to interface with the MainEvent portal. First, data from the kiosks needed to be sent to MainEvent to be recorded, displayed, and reported on. Second, confirmed event information from the MainEvent portal needed to be sent to the Share a Coke (consumer-facing) tour website. Being no stranger to third party integrations, MainEvent was able to achieve both of these automated customizations.

Screenshot of Third Party Integrations.

“Our client appreciated the fully-integrated, holistic approach to reporting this year. By using multiple third-party integration options, we were able to let consumers know where we would be via the main Tour site, as well as provide our clients with post-event recaps almost immediately.”

Headshot of Melissa Hill.

Melissa Hill, Senior Manager, Business Leadership

Momentum Worldwide

Data Collection and Analysis

The Share a Coke tour was extremely successful which, in turn, created a very large amount of recap and device data that needed to be captured for client reporting. MainEvent served as the central portal for all of this, associating multiple information sets and KPIs with relevant data points across all venues and markets. This real-time collection and analysis allowed Momentum to not only compile program wrap-up reports on over one million in-field leads, but also provide their client with live updates as the program progressed.

Screenshot of Data Collection and Analysis.

“The technology was flexible — allowing us to customize and connect several different pieces of technology creating one system to help us manage the tour from beginning to end.”

Headshot of Melissa Hamilton.

Melissa Hamilton, Director of Integrated Production

Momentum Worldwide